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Premium human-shaped resin magnets - People of the World
Premium human-shaped resin magnets - People of the World
06 May 2021
Premium human-shaped
resin magnets
People of the World
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Cotton Tote Bags (Shopper Bags)
06 Mar 2021
Nice cotton tote bags
from different countries
are in stock!
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Souvenirs from Turkey
06 Mar 2021
New Resin and Metal
Fridge Magnets
From Turkey
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New Souvenirs from Greece: resin magnets, keychains, collectible houses and textile for kitchen
07 Nov 2020
New Souvenirs from Greece:
resin magnets, keychains,
collectible houses
and textile for kitchen
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World Wide Gifts - Souvenirs and gifts from different places of the World

Traveling around the world is exciting and fun in its own right, but it is also pleasant to bring back some souvenirs that will remind you of the new places you have seen. Finding something small and inexpensive, but expressive of the foreign countries you visited, is a great way to preserve your memories or give your relatives a distinctive gift.

However, you can usually only buy souvenirs in countries you actually visit. And wouldn't it be disappointing to return home and discover you had forgotten to buy any mementos at all? Fortunately, this isn't an issue anymore! The Internet has opened up the possibility of buying global souvenirs from the comfort of your home, and lets you get something special regardless of where and when you've journeyed abroad.

Tourism and Souvenirs

Tourism is one of the major pleasures of modern times, expanding the mind and giving us fresh perspectives on life, the world we live in, and our own home country, too. How, you might ask, is "tourism" really defined? One common definition that fits very well is "traveling and staying abroad for up to a year in places outside your everyday environment".

Tourism offers variety, excitement, and fresh discoveries, so it is no wonder that most people participate in this activity to relax and enjoy some time for recreation. Sightseeing everything from interesting architectural monuments, historical sites, and modern marvels, to such jewels of Nature as the pristine Costa Rican rainforest or the icy majesty of Mount Everest is one of the major factors luring people abroad to visit unfamiliar countries and cities.

Tourism became popular (and possible) among the mass of the population during the last century, and its growth continues vigorously today – at up to 5% or 6% annually. The World Tourism Organization reports that as much as $1 trillion is spent annually by international tourists. France, Italy, the United States, China, and Spain are the countries most frequently visited by foreign tourists, while tourists from Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and France are the biggest spenders when abroad.

One of the industries supported by tourism is the souvenir industry. Naturally enough, every traveler wants a tangible reminder of their tourist experiences and enjoyment, and the best way to achieve this is to buy souvenirs. You can choose from many different kinds of souvenirs, ranging from mass produced kitsch to unique handmade items – all of which are small, portable, and easy for the traveler to collect and carry home with them.

What Kinds of Souvenirs can You Buy?

To be a proper souvenir, an item needs to have a strong, visible association with the place where it is bought. Souvenirs often bear the image of famous buildings, natural landmarks, statues, or other noteworthy features of the city or country they come from. They are usually specially made to be collectible, and are typically inexpensive so that every tourist has the opportunity to buy and enjoy them.

While it is true that you can easily purchase some eye-catching souvenirs when you are in another country that you are traveling to, it might seem quite a bit harder to do so while you are still at home. This is where our collection enters the picture – we offer you the chance to buy excellent souvenirs from every country of the globe without needing to leave your apartment or house!

What type of items make the best souvenirs? Clothing gives you a wearable way to show off your international experience, whether it takes the form of t-shirts, caps, or wristwatches. Collectible items like refrigerator magnets, postcards, or small prints let you display images of the places you've been. Mugs and plates can be placed decoratively on a shelf, or used as practical household items.

Refrigerator magnets (or "fridge magnets" as they're familiarly known in English-speaking countries) stand out from the rest both because there's a place for these souvenirs in almost every house, and because you will see them daily and be reminded of your travels! They are also practically useful for holding important notes and reminders where you'll see them every time you go to get food during the day.

Statistics tell us that there are refrigerator magnets in 80% of the kitchens in developed countries. These small but attractive emblems are a great way to symbolize the places you've been – or the spots you want to go! By reminding you of your tourism goals, they can even help fulfill your dreams of worldwide travel!

Fridge Magnets, Keychains, Plates, and More

Refrigerator magnets are extremely popular tourist knickknacks – in fact, they have even made an entry in the famous Guinness Book of World Records, which notes that the largest known collection of these souvenirs is close to 20,000 items!

Fridge magnets made in a recognizable three-dimensional shape (such as the outline of a country or the simplified facade of a famous building like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow), or fashioned to resemble a geographical map of the place they come from, are the most frequently collected of all.

Keychains are the small chains that feature a decorative "finding" at one end and a ring to keep your car, house, and mailbox keys at the other end. Today, there are many variants on the basic keychain, including versions that feature flashlights, compasses, bottle openers, multitools, USB flash drives, scissors, and, of course, worldwide souvenirs. Keychains are highly popular as tourism souvenirs and a reminder of exotic shores and faraway places.

A keychain is also a perfect gift for your friends and colleagues, sparking interesting discussions about your journey. Nearly everyone needs a keychain or two, also, so the gift will not sit idly in a drawer after being given. When fashioned as a souvenir, a keychain is inexpensive, yet tells an adventurous tale about the places you have been. They are bought almost as frequently as refrigerator magnets.

Souvenir plates have a somewhat different story – and a longer history. Fine Chinese porcelain first reached Europe in the 14th century, and because of its rarity and exotic decoration, it was extremely expensive. At that time and up through the end of the 18th century, only rich nobles, merchants, and clergymen could afford to decorate their homes with porcelain plates.

At the end of this period, however, mass production of good porcelain began in Europe, allowing people from all walks of life to enjoy these relatively inexpensive, locally made items. Most plates featured decorative scenes rendered in blue and white.

Today, with the power of modern materials technology, souvenir plates are not limited to porcelain. Glass, wood, plastic, resin, and various metals are all highly popular materials for plates to be made out of, too, so that you can match the look of the plate to your decor. Many people are avid collectors of these items and display their plates on special shelves or wall hangers.

Our site is crammed with exciting, intriguing worldwide souvenirs selected specially for you! You can discover fridge magnets, plates, t-shirts, keychains, and a wealth of other colorful international items here. You can rest assured that we haven't overlooked any country or any part of the globe in our quest to bring you the best assortment of souvenirs on the Internet. Welcome to the unforgettable worldwide travel scene on!
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